String theory lunch meeting take place on Friday from 13:00 to 14:00 biweekly. 

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TB: Some interesting papers I noted (I don't know how to put papers on the Gathertown tables): : Olivucci, Vieira: Stampedes II: Null Polygons in Conformal Gauge Theory : Basteiro, Di Giulio, Erdmenger, Karl, Meyer, Xian: Towards Explicit Discrete Holography: Aperiodic Spin Chains from Hyperbolic Tilings : Barrat, Gimenez-Grau, Liendo: A dispersion relation for defect CFT : Bianchi, Bonomi: Conformal dispersion relations for defects and boundaries : Guo, Jin, Wang, Yang: Deciphering the Maximal Transcendentality Principle via Bootstrap : Chester: Bootstrapping 4d N=2 gauge theories: the case of SQCD


These papers look interesting to me (I have not read them yet):

Bootstrability in Defect CFT: Integrated Correlators and Sharper Bounds (Andrea Cavaglià, Nikolay Gromov, Julius Julius, Michelangelo Preti) --

String correlators on AdS3: analytic structure and dual CFT (Andrea Dei, Lorenz Eberhardt) –

There are also these:

Schubert Problems, Positivity and Symbol Letters (Qinglin Yang) –

Bootstrapping Pions at Large N (Jan Albert, Leonardo Rastelli) –



I found this paper interesting: 2202.07627 - Large Charges on the Wilson Line in N=4 SYM: II. Quantum Fluctuations, OPE, and Spectral Curve (Giombi, Komatsu, Offertaler)

One of the last times we also had this paper on the table, but did not really discuss it:

2201.05093 - Harnessing S-Duality in N=4 SYM & Supergravity as SL(2,)-Averaged Strings (Collier, Perlmutter)

They use Laplacian spectral theory of modular invariant functions to say something about integrated correlators. I have not read it in detail, but it looks interesting. There are a couple of related papers by Dorigoni, Green, and Wen (which I have not read yet):

2102.09537 - Exact properties of an integrated correlator in N=4 SU(N) SYM

2202.05784 - Exact results for duality-covariant integrated correlators in N=4 SYM with general classical gauge groups



CFT papers:

  • 2201.06602 - Causality constraints on corrections to Einstein gravity (Caron-Huot, Li, Parra-Martinez)
  • 2201.04422 - Super Gluon Five-Point Amplitudes in AdS Space (Alday, Goncalves, Zhou)
  • 2201.05093 - Harnessing S-Duality in N=4 SYM (Collier, Perlmutter)


Integrability and Math Physics:

Scattering amplitudes:


CFT papers:

Mathematical Physics:


Suggestions for CFT related papers:

  • 2103.15830 - Gluon Scattering in AdS from CFT, 
  • 2110.09861 - One-loop Gluon Amplitudes in AdS, 
  • 2111.07989 - Bootstrapping N=4 super-Yang-Mills on the conformal manifold

Scattering amplitudes:


  • 2111.06857 - Rebooting quarter-BPS operators in N=4 SYM



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