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Welcome to SCETlib

SCETlib is a C++ package for numerical calculations in QCD and soft-collinear effective theory (SCET).

The main design goals of the code are to be

  • user-friendly for both library users and end users
  • flexible and extendable
  • stable and fast


 SCETlib is still in the development stage. If you are curious or interested send an email and/or ask us to put you on the scetlib-announce email list.

Recent News

development version 0.4

Development version 0.4 has been finished.

We were brave enough to present SCETlib at the SCET 2018 workshop in Amsterdam.
Here are the slides from the talk.

The current v0.4 is not-yet public. The current plan is that the next v0.5 will be public.

Recent Changes

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