P02.1 - Public : Information for Users with Laser or LED devices

If you intend to bring your own Laser or LED device(s) then you should get in contact with your local contact as soon as possible.

All Lasers above Laser class 1 have to be connected to our mobile laser interlock system, which means your Laser system must be capable to provide an external shutter or interlock contact (usually a potential free contact) which can be connected to our system. If your Laser does not provide such a contact, the only possibiliy is to connect the Laser to the power connection of our mobile laser interlock, which can be harmful to the Laser if the Laser is immediately switched off by the interlock system.

Light emitting diodes (LEDs) are always treated as class 4 Lasers, as the output power of modern LEDs can be that strong that they also irritate or harm the human eye and skin.

The only exception where your Laser or LED must not be necessarily connected to our mobile interlock system is, when your experimental system is completely capsuled. However, final judgement is made by your local contact and the DESY safety.

In order to find out if it is possible to attach your Laser or LED devices to our interlock system, you should send all Laser/LED manuals to your local contact.