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At first you need a registration in our IP-Management tool (QIP), please ask your Network Segment-Administrator.

For the DHCPOptionTemplate setting in QIP, use either bios_Linux for legacy installation or uefi_Linux for UEFI installations.
* Automatic installations maintained by the etablished Installation-Management system Foreman
For this automatic installation maintained by IT we need following informations:

PCX-Number [1] :
Hostname [2] :
MAC address [3] :
Memory [4] :
User Name [5] :
Local Admin [6] : ( user=local admin; default: "no")
Location [7] :
Group [8] :
Additional Language Support [9] : (default: DE, EN)
Keyboard [10] : (default: us )
Partitioning [11] : /space or /home (default: /home)
UEFI [2]:   (yes/no, default: no)

Please write an E-Mail with these informations to


Important note on naming scheme of computers

please take note, that it not recommended to put person information (e.g. account name) into the hostname of the computer. ( see )

It is the responsibility of the group administrator to inform users about this rule for future installation, IT does not enforce this recommendation. Users of course have the choice to not follow the recommendation.

Please be aware, that a change of the hostname after the installation needs a reinstallation of the system.

Dual-Boot and virtual machines

Dual-boot is not supported, neither on Windows nor on Linux side.

IT does not support the installation of Linux OS on desktop virtual machines.

IT supports the installation of server systems on virtual machines in the IT virtualization infrastructure.

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