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Although not strictly a Linux topic, we provide some links and information:

Standard-PC committee:

  • Defines desktop, laptop and workstation systems. Typically, before standardization, system is evaluated by the IT Linux team.
  • Desktops and Workstations are generally supported with the current Ubuntu LTS version
  • The compatibility with the current Ubuntu version (might be a non-LTS version) is checked.
  • Laptop Linux evaluation is provided on an information-only basis. No further central Linux installation support on laptops is provided

Getting desktops at DESY:

Getting server hardware at DESY:

  • DESY has frame contracts with several hardware vendors. Part of the specification is readiness for current Linux distributions.
  • Write to and discuss further details

Getting virtualized servers at DESY:

  • DESY IT operates several virtualization infrastructures. If you wish to operate a virtualized server, please contact and discuss further details.
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