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The DESY desktop policy is split into three flavours:

(Default) Green Desktop:

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (or previous versions, see below), managed by Puppet. Users can install software from preconfigured repositories, but no further special rights are granted to users. This is the only IT supported desktop more details

Yellow Desktop:

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (or previous versions, see below), initially installed and configured by Puppet. Then IT management tools are stopped, and the user and/or administrator are given root access. No further IT support can be asked for the installation and configuration. more details

Before applying for a yellow desktop, users should check whether they can use the provided workflows in the green desktop, e.g. software installation in non-standard directories, or Docker containers.

Red Desktop:

Whatever the user wants and installs ... he/she is on her own. IT just provides some basic setup information, without further support. Note that these systems need to be registered. The form can be found under "Formulare -> System Registration" at

Legacy Desktop Systems

Previously installed Linux desktops with different distributions and root rights are in legacy support. Further installations and reinstallations are subject to case-by-case decision.

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