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Download the following codes and untar them in a local folder on your DESY machine:

First install 2HDMC following the guidelines given in the README. You need to run

make lib

[if GSL cannot be found, installation is required. On ubuntu: sudo apt-get install libgsl-dev gsl-bin ; on other distros, see]

in a shell. Then install LHAPDF, which needs to be done locally, so run in a shell

./configure --prefix=/path/for/installation
make install

where /path/for/installation should be local folder of your choice.

Lastly install SusHi and run


Then adjust the path in Makefile (by hand) [/sbin/ldconfig -p | grep stdc++ to find your c++ standard library] to the installations of LHAPDF and 2HDMC and then do

make [predef=2HDMC]

This will provide an executable of SusHi in "/bin". It runs through

./sushi example.out

[test lhapdf and 2hdmc " ./sushi ../example/ ../example/2HDMC_H2basis.out" will require = downloading the relevant grid file https://www.h" will require = downloading the relevant grid file, and potentially needing to install lhapdf (sudo apt install liblhapdf-dev), and potentially needing to install lhapdf (sudo apt install liblhapdf-dev) (grid file placed in lhapdf pdfsets directory (probably /usr/share/lhapdf)]

where example input files can be found in the folder "/example". You will need to install the corresponding PDF sets through lhapdf-install NAMEOFTHEPDFSET in order to successfully obtain an output.

Perl script to run FeynHiggs with SLHA style input file:

In order to call PDF sets from Mathematica, make use of ManeParse. An example call provided by Markus Ebert can be found below:


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