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B→ Xu l nu

B→ X l nu

B→ Xc l nu

B→ Xs ll

B→ Xs J\psi

B→ Xs gamma

All slides of past meetings are available in "Blog".


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SpeakApp link: Name Contribution Attached File
SpeakApp link: A round table was done.  The presentations with slides: Name Contribution Attached File Lu Cao Updates on B→Xulnu analysis Raynette van Tonder q2 moments measurement in B->Xclnu
SpeakApp link: Name Contribution Attached File Raynette van Tonder Measuring q2 moments of inclusive B->Xc lv decays with Belle Lu Cao Updates on B->Xu lv William Sutclie XJ\psi  Update

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Working group for inclusive Vub analysis

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