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  • XFEL Project Progress Report
    • Anne Oppelt: Gun5 build & test
    • Francois Lemery: STERN
    • Immo Bahns: XFELO
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XFEL Project Progress Reports

Anne Oppelt: Gun5 build & test

  • start QC immediately after a part of fabricated to avoid delays, but scheduling is complicated
  • mass production can run in parallel but QC after initial programming of CNC machine is done and should be QC'ed (based on Gun5.2 production)
  • time schedule is done

Francois Lemery: STERN

  • needs to provide input to Raumbuch
  • create a rough bar chart to reach the defined milestones
  • contacts needed to MEA, MKK, MPC in addition to the already established ones to MVS, MKS

Next Meeting

  • next meeting: 16.01.2023
    • status update Raumbuch 
    • PPR: projects tbc

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