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Do you remember all the steps for switching off the SASE2 chicanes correctly? You no longer need to. There are now buttons for two Taskomat sequences on the chicane control panel that will take the necessary steps. The sequences take care of disabling write protection, switching off trim coils, degaussing the main magnets, and so on. Please try them out and let me know if there is any problem. image2022-11-28_17-12-43.png
Gun Ramp up after a trip
After a gun trip we experience that the following ramp up fails early on in the ramp three times after which the FSM gives up. A few minutes later the next ramp then is successful - so it seems that the gun needs a bit more time to recover. Due to this I encreased the time for a rest of the interlocks in the FSM to 2 minutes. Please wait for the FSM to do the reset after 2 minutes and do not reset by hand earlier. In former times a reset by hand was necessary, but this has changed now.
Hi all, we have a special setup this week (calendar week 39, 26.9.-3.10.) and I would like to take this way to inform all operators, especially those who are on shift this week.  SASE2 will get all bunches every of 100th bunch train (in other words, every 10 seconds), SASE1 and SASE3 go empty on this shot.  For that reason, we need the same RF settings from 800-1400 us (the full RF pulse). If that is not the case, only a fraction of the full bunch train will lase properly in SASE2.…

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