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Introduction   On this page all procedures for the operation of the EuXFEL are provided.

The procedures will be frequently checked and revised. Please use the Confluence comment function to inform the procedure's authors in case you have criticism or suggestions for improvement.  

The procedure you are looking for is  not there yet? Please go to proposals for procedures and add your topic or write a comment in the section at the end of the page. Of course you are also warmly welcome to write a procedure! A style sheet as well as a blueprint for procedures can be found at the end of this page. 

Special system's procedures

→ These work instructions are primarily intended for system experts. Experienced operators can carry them out after consultation of the expert or RC. 

Other instructions

→ All procedures that do not fit into the other categories. 

Change the call forwarding of the RC mobile phone

Additional links to the topic

Style guide for operation procedures

Blueprint for operation procedures

More information on how to operate the European XFEL can be found in the operator trainings

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