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List of all operator trainings ever given. 

The topic names are links to the operator training slides, which are still stored on the indigo web-page

You are looking for procedures on how to operate the European XFEL? Please klick here

TopicAuthorLast date
Preparation of ZZ and recovery after accessThomas Wamsat


Bunch compression operation at the European XFEL


XFEL Photon diagnosticsJan Gruenert


XFEL operation - Overview about the procedures and changes in procedures


X-ray gas monitors at European XFEL




XFEL bunch patterns


Emittance measurement and beam optics


XFEL magnets


Gun operation


Experiments of European XFEL


SASE tuning


Feedbacks (FLASH tutorial)


XFEL bunch patterns


Miscellaneous tools

Start-up procedure

Orbit correction and Ocelot optimizer

Injector laser

Changing photon energy and operation procedure

RF operation and beam energy management


TDS operation

Machine characterization

Sequencer and file operator


What is new and how does it work No.2

What is new and how does it work

Special XFEL operator training


Trajectory response tool


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