Karabo Panel for HIREX 

Tests on May 2nd, 2022, Naresh and Matthias

Stop button did not respond. See the next screenshot to see the error message. 

Selecting the 9keV_MID preset in the drop down menu did not move HIREX to the preset.

The configuration can be seen in the the screenshot below.


We need start and stop buttons on the main panel below the dropdown menu.

We selected the 9keV_MID preset for Crystal X and the motors started moving. However, the dropdown menu still shows "Out".

We checked the "Direct motor steering" box and selected the 9keV_MID preset (its was default before) but the motors did not start moving.

We selected "Red" for the filter wheel (target value 60). The motor started moving but we do not see any change of the readback value (SASE2_MOTOR/FILTER.WHEEL.POSITION) and there is also no update of the target value edit field.

on the left hand side of the dropdown menu. But we saw an update of the values in the preset-box below. It looks like that the addresses as swapped.

All fields and buttons on panels other than the main panel should not be changed by xfeloper. We should define a group with Naresh, the PRCs and the RCs and that group should be allowed to change all parameters.

We should call it "Spectrum ML Server" (because SASE3 has no HIREX)

HIREX ML debugging/setup, Sascha and Matthias, May 23, 2022

  • Found that RX state (and likely also others) is 'Moving' not 'Move' when motor is moving.
  • Filter wheel does not move any more. XFEL.EXP/MOTOR.FILTER_WHEEL/SA2_XTD6_HIREX/STATE is in ERROR state (worked before).
  • It looks like, that the error message only appears when we press stop when there is no movement any more. \
    • tested stop buttons for all motors during movement
      • CRX → works
      • RX → works
      • CUX → works
      • CUY → works
      • DRX → works
      • RX → works
      • filter wheel → is in error state
    • error message still appears if we press the stop button while there is no movement. → will be fixed in the server.
  • XFEL.UTIL/HIREX.ML/SASE2_MOTOR/DETECTOR.X → is 'illegal property' on the doocs side.
  • Server blocked after we selected a preset in the dropdown menu or activated direct steering.
  • We tried to switch off and on the detector X  hardware and that worked nicely (at least it looked like that). We did that, because it did not work for the filter wheel.

Data evaluation, phone call with Jan, May 23, 2022

  • Data evaluation along pulse train etc. could/should come from the detector group in Schenefeld. 

Meeting with Naresh, Sascha and Matthias (May 30. 2022)

  • Tested and checked CRX, CX,CUX, CUY, DRX, DX motor values and readout. These motors shows the readback values.
  • Motor DX still shows the HARDWARESTATE  as illegal property →need to follow on this, maybe related to DOOCS to Karabo bridge.
  • Motor filter wheel parameter: ACTUALPOSITION  info is not available in the configuration parameters in DOOCS → Need to discuss with Tim and request to have this parameter and it is currently missing in the configuration editor.
  • All Motors Position min and Position max is added.
  • Preset motor positions for different photon energies table has been send to Sascha.
  • Tested the preset positions to make sure all motors move the defined positions. And it works

To Do List

  • Need to invert the logic in the preset positions with check box active and un check box deactivate the motor
  • In the above scene, when selected preset positions, Motors are directly moving. Need to have something like this: step1) Selecting the preset positions from dropdown table, 2) Move button/check box. 3) Stop button (if accidently selected wrong preset, all motors need to stop immediately 
  • Need to change the name on display from HIREX Middle Layer to Spectrometer controls. SASE1 → SA1_HIREX, SASE2 → SA2_HIREX,
  • Need to add text above the preset: HIREX should be inserted only in single pulse mode.

Next test will be on 6th June,2022

Update Nov. 23th 2022

in preparation of the discussion in the HLC meeting on Nov. 24th. 

  • HIREX II can be operated from doocs for a set of prepared setups. Maybe we should look into the panel design and emphasise the important buttons for the operators. 

Next steps: HIREX II data evaluation and distribution of the results to other tools and servers. 

What we want/need:

  • Spectrum, mean photon energy, spectrum width etc for all bunches with 10 Hz repetition rate. 

Who will analyse the HIREX II data (Gotthard detector)?

  • It was unclear who is responsible for the analysis of the data. 
  • This question was raised in the OB and it was decided that the analysis should be done on the doocs side. 
  • The data format could be that all pixel from the 1D Gotthard detector for all bunches (max 2700) can be put together in a 2D picture that is then send to doocs. The data format is already available for the Gotthard II detector, which will be installed next year in HIREX II. 
  • Then the question was raised whether it is possible to to that (traffic) at all. 
  • First conclusion was, that this should work, based on the data from the FXE Gotthard II detector. However, Naresh pointed out, that the new detector for HIRE II will have twice as many pixels. 
  • Use FXE Gottard as test setup.

Lars idea: Could the data analysis take place "in" the karabo-doocs bridge?

Last but not least: Final data distribution to tools and servers on the doocs side via ZeroMQ? 

BTW: The spectrum ML server should not only deal with HIREX II but also with the other spectrometers from SASE1 and SASE3 (as far as possible). 

Minutes of the HLC meeting: https://confluence.desy.de/x/Ex-4E

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