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In case you were not able to attend the Beam Regions operation training on Tuesday, or if you want to have another look at the slides, you can find them here now: → Operator training Beam Regions Screenshot 2022-07-21 at 12.58.05.png
Each LLRF station can now be operated either in table mode or in scalar mode. Here's the difference between the two: In scalar mode, the station has just a single setpoint for voltage and phase. It produces a single, flat output curve. This is somewhat similar to what we had before the shutdown, except there are no more flat-tops or slopes. Just one amplitude and one phase, that's it. In table mode, the station accepts full set-point tables from other servers or tools.…
Beam regions are coming
With the restart of the XFEL, beam regions are replacing the trusty old RF flat-tops. Very little will change for the initial operation of the machine. But later on, this will open up many more capabilities – in a nutshell: Flat-Tops Beam Regions Maximum number of regions 3 ≫10 Table shape Constant + slope Free, limited only by klystrons, couplers & cavities The image on the right shows the LLRF sum voltage control panel on the Virtual XFEL running three beam regions with funny tables.…

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