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Sample NameH2O
Desired Start P26 GPa

Coupler materials

Coupler thickness (µm)

Coupler hole diameter (µm)


Diamonds:Culet diameter(s) & style(s)Cylinder Dia. ThicknessPiston Dia. ThicknessDiamond Types

300 µm2.128 mm1.669 mmBA 1a (piston)+ std 1a
Gasket:MaterialInitial Thickness

Regular gasket: hole diameter

Re45 µm150 µm
Cell Configuration:

Downstream Side
i.e. cylinder (default), piston

Downstream Seat
e.g. BA, BN, Slot...

Upstream Seat
e.g. WC std...

Standard Rotation
(mark that is always 'up', e.g. "Cell number on piston".  Slots should always be vertical.)

PistonBAcBNSee photo
Cell Checks:

Screw Heads  protruding?
(Should be N)

Set screws disengaged?
(Should be Y)

Imperial or Metric Screws?

Offline P Change?
(should be N)

Current Pressure (GPa):Diffraction Best valueRubyDiamond EdgeSample Raman
28 GPa (Cu EoS)26 GPa

1) with mark up (or note direction of mark)
2) Include labels, sketch for very complex samplews.

View(s) from cylinder side (with mark up, or note direction of mark otherwise) INSERT PHOTO OF CELL FROM MICROSCOPE, AND PHOTO OF DAC SHOWING ORIENTATION

View(s) from piston side (with mark up, or note direction of mark otherwise) INSERT PHOTO OF CELL FROM MICROSCOPE, AND PHOTO OF DAC SHOWING ORIENTATION

Interference Fringes
1) note pressure
2) note index of refract.
3) include raw calcs

Downstream Medium(s)

Upstream Medium(s)

Index of Refraction

18.97 um19.24 um1.66

XRD Screening



on Cu + Ice

Free space (some Cu too)


Raman Scattering

Raman Spectra.

Phase Diagrams

Any Relevant Phase Diagrams & References

Beamline Analysis


aligned with respect to upstream camera image in elog (no downstream camera image available)→ flipped the cell (keeping the same orientation)

c2c nd=30.9

c2 coupler cyl nd=9.8

c2 coupler pis nd=18.8

30.9/1.66 - 9.8/1.66 - 18.8/1.66= 1 um ...but coupler was supposed to be 5 um? Possibly deformed and measuring in different positions.  But at least coupler is suspended in this case.  Tried to measure directly opposite final point on the cyl and got nothing or large fringes.  So probably not well suspended in centre i.e. 30.9/1.66 -18.8/1.66=7 um so again, maybe a few microns of space round the center, with coupler close to cylinder. 

30.9/1.66 = 18.6 agrees with above finding.

CommentPressure: 25 GPa from Ice VII, 28 GPa from Cu foil
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