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Approach 1: Build a telescope with an existing sensor

  • Take a modern sensor and realize other upgrades/ideas
  • Simulate ALPIDE performs in various geometries and n_planes = 6 or 8, trying to achieve DATURA track resolution at DUT
  • Decentralized data processing, e.g. for the ALPIDE sensor make a compact read out board, with one cable (high speed link)

Approach 2: Build a telescope with a new developed sensor

WP: Online Data Processing / Track Finding

  • first test with simulated data
  • test with current mimosa telescope data
  • GPU with OpenCL algorithm. 

WP: Track finding per machine learning

  • well-known training data sample, needed with different parameters?
  • telescope data model→ a network model

WP: Robot arm and automatic alignment

WP: fast timing

  • timing layer
  • Scintillating fibre hodoscopes

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