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Welcome to the shared space for the competence team "Detectors". This team has been charged to prepare a strategy for detector developments at DESY for the time 2020-2035 and to prepare the evaluation of the Detector research unit DTS in the POFIV review.

29.11.2018, Sem R. 3

Cisco meeting link, Telefon 6060 272867753#

Important dates

4./5./Juni: Woodstock III

24.5.2018: Lenkungsausschuss Materie

14.5.2018: Forschungsbereichsplatform Materie

17/18.1.2018: Mock review at DESY for POFIV

12.12.2017: First rehearsal of the POF talks and posters

20.11.2017: submission of DESY report to Helmholtz

29.9.2017: deadline for submission of strategy statement

17.7.2017: Next common strategy workshop between competence teams and strategy group ("Woodstock 2")

5./ 6.4.2017: exchange (workshop) think tanks with strategy group ("Woodstock 1")

April 2017: 10 Page report from the think tank

3./4. March 2017: Workshop between directorate and OSB to collect first input on the questionaire, Input from us: Strategy Statement

9-11 November 2016: OSB@DESY

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