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  • Move most steps from Selection to Preselection → use selection only to split into regions!
  • At the same time, do the "multi-jet collection" thingy


  • Finalize neural network application
    • Fit to "variable cuts"
    • Confirm that signals are not shaped (too strong)
  • Improve T* reconstruction
    • Add additional requirements to chi2

Corrections, uncertainties...

  • Include AK4 JEC, JER...
  • Check all TargetLumis in manual files
  • Trigger SFs
    • Calculate trigger efficiencies in orthogonal dataset (?) → See Alex code!
    • Include obtained SFs
  • Check influence of HEM issue
    • include HEM issue fix for data
    • include HEM issue fix for MC!
  • Check prefiring issue
    • Alex applied those in his code → check that
  • Propagate uncertainties
    • Find out how to do this
    • Find out which uncertainties are which type, and how to apply them
  • Constrain background from data somehow
    • Read Alex Fröhlich background estimation technique
    • Prepare Talk on this in group meeting
    • Implement background estimation


  • Find out how to include uncertainties in limits
  • Update combine scripts!


  • Ksenia knows something regarding b-tagging SFs on Puppi jets
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