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TRIUMF Project status update/result presentations:

  • Neutrino Water Cherenkov
    • Status of discrimination studies
    • Status of generative method; connection to QC???
  • NA62 project - hard to guarantee participation?
  • CMMS project?
  • Accelerator project - possibly ok in term of participation
  • Gaussian Processes

Helmholtz Projects

  • Helmholtz Analytics Framework (HAF)
    • HEAT developments
    • 3D Segmentation
    • Predictive Maintenance
    • Particle Tracking
    • Pattern recognition

Other Options

  • Technical talk - intro to ML framework
  • Hands on notebook follow through
    • Reinforcement Learning tutorial?
    • 3d volume segmentation U-Net?

What’s the content of Plenary sessions? Overlap?

 Other points of Discussion

  • How to tighten up collaboration - so far separate Universes
  • Collaboration platform (slack? mailing lists?)
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