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The group MSK (Maschine Strahlkontrollen / machine beam-controls) is responsible for the controls, feedback regulations and synchronization of the particle accelerators at DESY.

The SDiag Team (Special Diagnostics) concentrates on the topic of longitudinal diagnostics for fast beam-based feedback systems, used at the FEL facilities FLASH and European XFEL.

The Team

J. Kral,  B. Lautenschlager, N. Lockmann, J. Roever, B. Steffen, M.K. Czwalinna (Team Leader)


Development and operation of diagnostics for longitudinal beam-based feedbacks:

  • Bunch Arrival-time Monitors (BAM),
  • Bunch Compression Monitors (BCM),
  • Electro-optical Spectral Decoding (EOSD),
  • Coherent Radiation Diagnostics (CRD): THz Spectrometer. 

Development of advanced beam-based feedback concepts to globally control and stabilize the longitudinal phase-space at the FEL facilities FLASH and European XFEL.

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