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This is the public space of the SDiag-Team, as part of the group MSK.

It provides information to non-experts about Special Diagnostics devices, installed at FLASH and the European XFEL.


System descriptions,  How-to articles , Trouble-shooting instructions.

The Team

M.K. Czwalinna (Team Leader, temporary)

B. Steffen, J. Kral, J.Roever, N.Lockmann, B.Lautenschlager


Bunch Arrival-time Monitors (BAM), Bunch Compression Monitors (BCM), Electro-optical Spectral Decoding (EOSD), Coherent Radiation Diagnostics (CRD): THz Spectrometer. 

MSK SDiag Space (log-in required)

About us

The group MSK (Maschine Strahlkontrollen / machine beam-controls) is responsible for the controls, feedback regulations and synchronization of the particle accelerators at DESY.

The SDiag Team (Special Diagnostics) concentrates on the topic of longitudinal diagnostics for fast beam-based feedback systems, used at the FEL facilities FLASH and European XFEL.


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