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This page contains paper suggestions for possible presentations in the journal club. Please feel free to add your own suggestions if you come across an interesting-sounding paper.

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Optimization of the Gain Layer Design of Ultra-Fast Silicon Detectors
Dialing back time on Timepix3: A study on the timing performance of Timepix3
The statistics of electron-hole avalanches
Fully Depleted Monolithic Active Microstrip Sensors: TCAD simulation study of an innovative design concept


Measured Effectiveness of Deep N-well Substrate Isolation in a 65nm Pixel Readout Chip Prototype
Intrinsic time resolution of 3D-trench silicon pixels for charged particle detection
Silicon sensors with resistive read-out: Machine Learning techniques for ultimate spatial resolution
Design considerations for a new generation of SiPMs with unprecedented timing resolution
The Economics of Interstellar Flight
Prediction of Leakage Current and Depletion Voltage in Silicon Detectors under Extra-Terrestrial Radiation Conditions
Transport of single nanoparticles through respirators and masks
Do shared e-scooter services cause traffic accidents? Evidence from six European countries
Silicon emissivity as a function of temperature
Comparative Study of Carrier Lifetime Dependence on Dopant Concentration in Silicon and Germanium
Testing of planar hydrogenated amorphous silicon sensors with charge selective contacts for the construction of 3D- detectors
Very-High Dynamic Range, 10,000 frames/second Pixel Array Detector for Electron Microscopy
X-Ray Silicon Drift Detector-CMOS Front-End System with High Energy Resolution at Room Temperature
Tracking and Vertex detectors at FCC-ee
Measured Effectiveness of Deep N-well Substrate Isolation in a 65nm Pixel Readout Chip Prototype
A modular and flexible data acquisition system for a cosmic rays detector network
Fast Timing With Silicon Carbide Low Gain Avalanche Detectors
Innovations in trigger and data acquisition systems for next-generation physics facilities
Monolithic Active Pixel Sensors on CMOS technologies
G-CoReCCD: a GPU-based simulator of the charge transport in fully-depleted CCDs
Novel Low Workfunction Semiconductors for Calorimetry and Detection: High Energy, Dark Matter and Neutrino Phenomena
Characterization of irradiated RD53A pixel modules with passive CMOS sensors
A computer program to simulate the response of SiPMs
In-beam PET and Compton imaging for enhanced accuracy proton-range verification
Projection imaging with ultracold neutrons

A Starry Byte -- proton beam measurements of single event upsets and other radiation effects in ABCStar ASIC Versions 0 and 1 for the ITk strip tracker
Large-mass, low-threshold sapphire detector for rare event searches
Evidence of cluster dipole states in germanium detectors operating at temperatures below 10 K
Electronics for Fast Timing

Characterization of Passive CMOS Strip Sensors
End-to-end multi-particle reconstruction in high occupancy imaging calorimeters with graph neural networks

Testing Station for Fast Screening of Through Silicon Via (TSV)-enabled Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) for Hard X-ray Imaging Detectors
A novel concept for a fully digital particle detector
GEANT4 simulation study of the response of a miniature radiation detector in Galactic Cosmic Rays and inside a spacecraft
Preliminary benchmarks and analysis of boundary conditions in a trenched microstructured silicon radiation detector
First experimental results of the spatial resolution of RSD pad arrays read out with a 16-ch board
Characterization of timing and spacial resolution of novel TI-LGAD structures before and after irradiation
DC-coupled resistive silicon detectors for 4-D tracking
Smart sensors using artificial intelligence for on-detector electronics and ASICs
The Sparse Readout RIGEL Application Specific Integrated Circuit for Pixel Silicon Drift Detectors in Soft X-Ray Imaging Space Applications
Design of LGAD Sensor with Low Energy Carbon Implantation and Irradiation Test
Precision beam telescope based on SOI pixel sensor technology for electrons in the energy range of sub-GeV to GeV
Pushing compute and AI onto detector silicon
X-ray Radiation Damage Effects on Double-SOI Pixel Detectors for the Future Astronomical Satellite "FORCE"
Testbeam performance results of bent ALPIDE Monolithic Active Pixel Sensors in view of the ALICE Inner Tracking System 3
Simplified Efficiency Calibration Methods for Semiconductor Detectors used in Criticality Dosimetry
Simulation of the 4H-SiC Low Gain Avalanche Diode
First Results for the pLGAD Sensor for Low-Penetrating Particles
Monte Carlo simulation of two-dimensional implanted dopant distributions at mask edgesåkan & Simon
LHCb's Forward Tracking algorithm for the Run 3 CPU-based online track-reconstruction sequence
Modeling the Charge Collection Efficiency in the Li-diffused Inactive Layer of a P-type Point-Contact Germanium Detector
C-BLUE 3 PC : a photon counting multimegapixel visible CMOS camera
Precision beam telescope based on SOI pixel sensor technology for electrons in the energy range of sub-GeV to GeV
Passive quenching, signal shapes, and space charge effects in SPADs and SiPMs
Last performances improvement of the C-RED One camera using the 320x256 e-APD infrared Saphira detector
Sub-electron noise infrared camera development using Leonardo large format 2Kx2K SWIR LmAPD array
Proton induced Dark Count Rate degradation in 150-nm CMOS Single-Photon Avalanche Diodes

Total ionizing dose test with DEPFET sensors for Athena's WFI
A novel design of industrial real-time CT system based on sparse-view reconstruction and deep-learning image enhancement
Investigation of a direction sensitive sapphire detector stack at the 5 GeV electron beam at DESY-II
Skipper-CCDs: current applications and future
Beam test results of 25 μm and 35 μm thick FBK ultra fast silicon detectors
Silicon sensors with resistive read-out: ML techniques for ultimate spatial resolution
Testbeam Results of the Picosecond Avalanche Detector Proof-Of-Concept Prototype
Comparison of different sensor thicknesses and substrate materials for the monolithic small collection-electrode technology demonstrator CLICTD
CORE -- a COmpact detectoR for the EIC
Optimization of tracker configuration for the CEPC
Overview and study of the 3D-TSV interconnects induced coupling in CMOS circuits
Performance of the Electromagnetic Pixel Calorimeter Prototype EPICAL-2
Proton radiation damage tolerance of wide dynamic range SOI pixel detectors
A derivation of the electric field inside MAPS detectors from beam-test data and limited TCAD simulations
Recent results with radiation-tolerant TowerJazz 180 nm MALTA Sensors
MAPD type avalanche photodetectors
Defect characterization studies on neutron irradiated boron-doped silicon pad diodes and Low Gain Avalanche Detectors
Design of a Strong-Arm Dynamic-Latch based comparator with high speed, low power and low offset for SAR-ADC
Signal formation and sharing in AC-LGADs using the ALTIROC 0 front-end chip
Measurements and analysis of different front-end configurations for monolithic SiGe BiCMOS pixel detectors for HEP applications
Radiation Hardness of a Wide Spectral Range SiPM with Quasi-Spherical Junction
Thin Film Charged Particle Trackers
Proposal and demonstration of germanium-on-silicon lock-in pixels for indirect time-of-flight based three-dimensional sensing
Overview of CNM LGAD results: Boron Si-on-Si and epitaxial wafers
Front-end Electronics for Timing with pico-seconds precision using 3D Trench Silicon Sensors
A direct time-of-flight image sensor with in-pixel surface detection and dynamic vision
Study of depth-dependent charge collection profiles in irradiated pad diodes
Timespot1: A 28nm CMOS Pixel Read-Out ASIC for 4D Tracking at High Rates
Novel ion imaging concept based on time-of-flight measurements with low gain avalanche detectors
Development of novel single-die hybridisation processes for small-pitch pixel detectors
Dark Current and Single Photon Detection by 1550nm Avalanche Photodiodes: Dead Time Corrected Probability Distributions and Entropy Rates

Temperature Dependence of the Electron-Drift Anisotropy and Implications for the Electron-Drift Model
A Method to Achieve High Dynamic Range in a CMOS Image Sensor Using Interleaved Row Readout
Measuring the Migdal Effect in Semiconductors
First Test Results of the Trans-Impedance Amplifier Stage of the Ultra-fast HPSoC ASIC
Characterization of the transient response of diamond sensors to collimated, sub-ps, 1 GeV electron bunches
Detection of MeV electrons using a charge integrating hybrid pixel detector
Development of LGAD sensors with a thin entrance window for soft X-ray detection
Surface-barrier detector with smoothly tunable thickness of depleted layer for study of ionization loss and dechanneling length of negatively charged particles channeling in a crystal

Timing performance of radiation hard MALTA monolithic Pixel sensors
First survey of centimeter-scale AC-LGAD strip sensors with a 120 GeV proton beam
Characterisation of Gamma-irradiated MCz-Silicon Detectors with a High-K Negative Oxide as Field Insulator
RD50-MPW3: A fully monolithic digital CMOS sensor for future tracking detectors
Techniques for the investigation of segmented sensors using the Two Photon Absorption -- Transient Current Technique
Particle Physics at the European Spallation Source
Characterisation of the MUSIC ASIC for large-area silicon photomultipliers for gamma-ray astronomy
Characterisation of a single photon event camera for quantum imaging
High-Precision 4D Tracking with Large Pixels using Thin Resistive Silicon Detectors
TCT investigation of the one-sided depletion of low-temperature covalently bonded silicon sensor P-N diodes
Design and test results of different aluminum coating layers on the sCMOS sensors for soft X-ray detection
Study of impact ionization coefficients in silicon with Low Gain Avalanche Diodes
X-ray Performance of a Small Pixel Size sCMOS Sensor and the Effect of Depletion Depth
Development of thin hydrogenated amorphous silicon detectors on a flexible substrate
First Test Results of the Trans-Impedance Amplifier Stage of the Ultra-fast HPSoC ASIC
Evaluation of HPK n+-p planar pixel sensors for the CMS Phase-2 upgrade
Pixelated silicon detector for radiation beam profile measurements
The performance of AC-LGAD with different N+ layer doping dose
Optical coherence tomography -- principles, implementation, and applications in ophthalmology
Digital Pixel Test Structures implemented in a 65 nm CMOS process
Temperature dependence of radiation damage annealing of Silicon Photomultipliers
How Fast is Your Detector? The Effect of Temporal Response on Image Quality
DCR and crosstalk characterization of a bi-layered 24 × 72 CMOS SPAD array for charged particle detection
TelePix -- A fast region of interest trigger and timing layer for the EUDET Telescopes
A new ultra low-level HPGe activity counting setup in the Felsenkeller shallow-underground laboratory
MALTA-Cz: A radiation hard full-size monolithic CMOS sensor with small electrodes on high-resistivity Czochralski substrate
ADENIUM -- A demonstrator for a next-generation beam telescope at DESY
Anti-Neutrino Flux from the EdF Hartlepool Nuclear Power Plant
Pushing limits of photovoltaics and photodetection using radial junction nanowire devices
Compton Polarimetry
Gain Recovery in Heavily Irradiated Low Gain Avalanche Detectors by High Temperature Annealing
DTS-100G -- A versatile heterogeneous MPSoC board for cryogenic sensor readout
An LHCb Vertex Locator (VELO) for 2030s
Intrinsic timing properties of ideal 3D-trench silicon sensor with fast front-end electronics
The EXTRA-BL4S experiment for the measurement of the energy and angular distributions of transition radiation X-rays

PeakOTron: A Python Module for Fitting Charge Spectra of Silicon Photomultipliers

Study of depth-dependent charge collection profiles in irradiated pad diodes
A Hydrogenated amorphous silicon detector for Space Weather Applications
A high-resolution pixel silicon Vertex Detector for open charm measurements with the NA61 spectrometer at the CERN SPS
Physiological Imaging: When the Pixel Size Matters
20 ps Time Resolution with a Fully-Efficient Monolithic Silicon Pixel Detector without Internal Gain Layer
Improved noise performance from the next-generation buried-channel p-Mosfet SiSeROs
💫 Digital Pixel Test Structures implemented in a 65 nm CMOS process
TCT investigation of the one-sided depletion of low-temperature covalently bonded silicon sensor P-N diodes
Simulation of Edge Transient Current Technique on Silicon Low Gain Avalanche Detector
Indium-Bond-And-Stop-Etch (IBASE) Technique for Dual-side Processing of Thin High-mobility GaAs/AlGaAs Epitaxial Layers
Test beam measurement of ATLAS ITk Short Strip module at warm and cold operational temperature
Using Cryogenic CMOS Control Electronics To Enable A Two-Qubit Cross-Resonance Gate
Test beam performance of a CBC3-based mini-module for the Phase-2 CMS Outer Tracker before and after neutron irradiation
Characterization of the response of IHEP-IME LGAD with shallow carbon to Gamma Irradiation
Development of novel low-mass module concepts based on MALTA monolithic pixel sensors
Measurement of the Compton scattering in germanium with a p-type point-contact germanium detector for dark matter detection
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