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Workshop and tutorial on VM creation with Openstack and container orchestration with Kubernetes. Objective of the 4 sessions is to deploy the PaNOSC portal through a modern DevOps approach with Gitlab and Rancher. To complete all four parts, estimate one day for advanced users (experience with cloud, containers, command line, OIDC), else two days.

We deploy a demo version of the PaNOSC Portal Helm Charts that we import from

Workshop Content

The workshop is structured in four parts, starting with the prerequisites, including the setup of necessary accounts and understanding the federated part-1-AAI system. After looking at the creation of virtual machines with Openstack in part-2-Openstack, we will have a look at container orchstration with Kubernetes in part-3-Kubernetes In part-4-Helm+Rancher, we will conclude and realize a deployment of the PaNOSC portal through GitLab continous deployment pipelines.


The workshop is for users of the EGI Federated Cloud resources provided by DESY for the PaNOSC project. We are offering a series of workshops, as video conference and chat with time to address individual questions of participants who are following the workshop in their working environment (Linux, Mac).

  • A first session of the workshop was held on April 22 9:30 - 16:00
  • A second session is planned for Mai 20 9:30 - 16:00 when we will cover parts 3 - 4

Contact us, if you are interested in participating in a workshop covering again parts 1 and 2.

This confluence page ( sharable link: ) is intended also for self-study.

For discussion related to this workshop, please use this Mattermost channel: (see workshop part-1-AAI for Authentication)

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