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Tomography scan:

  • Change sample.
  • Alignment with Pixel Link.
  • Go to hzgpp05ct8 and then camera live image (yellow face icon);
  • Select Pixel Link;
  • Go to alignment tab and click "Move PixelLink In"
  • Click ”Go to alignment position”.

“Do you want to move to alignment position?” will be asked in the pink shell (camera icon). Click in the shell and type Y and enter.

(Pixel Link will move in at position 86.)

  • Open shutter 1 : BS05.1 ( Screen on the left with DESY logo, or directly from the GUI);
  • Go to Image settings tab, start live acquisition and set autorange (the word active will be green);
  • Move the sample in the middle of the FZP: go to alignment tab and move relative X and Z in small steps 0.01-0.1 mm. Click move.
  • Check the alignment of the sample: go to rotation angles 0, 180 and 90 (the sample has to stay in the middle of the FZP at each angle).
  • Go to rotation angle 0 again.
  • Optional: If you need to save a single image, go to Image settings and click “save current image”.
  • Go to alignment tab and click “go to working position”.

“Do you want to move to working position?” will be asked in the pink shell (camera icon). Click in the shell and type Y and enter.

  • Change histogram values by typing 1:10, click ‘set range”, activate manual range by clicking “set auto range” (the word manual will be blue).

At this step you will see an image of the beam shaper with the beam stopper in the middle.

  • Click “stop live acquisition”.
  • Move Pixel Link out.

3)  Alignment with Hamamatsu.

  • Select Hamamatsu.
  • Go to Image settings tab, Set exposure time 1000 ms and click “set”. Then, click  “live acquisition”.
  • Reset ROI by clicking in the image and click “set autorange” (the word active will be green).
  • Open shutter 2:  ( In GUI, you have to type y(es) in the shell) or: BS05.2 (Screen on the left with DESY logo).
  • Go to alignment tab and move the sample in the middle of the field of view. Move relative X and Z in small steps.
  • Check that the sample is in the middle of the field of view at 0, 180 and 90.
  • Go to Image settings tab and click stop live acquisition!!
  • IMPORTANT : if you wish to go back to the alignment with Pixel Link (paragraph 2), close shutter 2: BS05.2. Otherwise continue with step 4.

  • Go to hzgpp05hama and close HzgDcam.exe
  • Open HCimagelive.
  • Go to Capture and check the exposure time.
  • Optional: check that Trigger has to be set to External  Edge Trigger.
  • Go to sequence and click on the arrow of scan settings
  • Select “to Disk”
  • Click on the square close to Autosave and go to ThisPC/D/hzg/beamtime number/make new folder. Set start number 0 and click ok.
  • Click Start.
  • Never click Pause!!!!


  • Script

- Go to hzgpp05ct8 and then Spyder

- Rename the script “File, save as…”

- Change the name in “prefix”.

- Save and click Run (green icon)

- Go to hzgpp05hama and  HCimagelive. Check the box “Contrast” and move the vertical line towards left in order to adjust the contrast.

  • Finished scan
  • When the scan will be finished, both shutters will be automatically close.
  • Go to hzgpp05hama and
  • Click stop and then abort.
  • Close HCimagelive.
  • Start HzgDcam.exe
  • Remember to move your folder from D/hzg/beamtime number to T/current/ raw
  • If you wish to repeat the same measurement, remember to open both shutters! Repeat step 4 and 5.Otherwise Break door interlock (G05.2) and change sample.


  • Interrupt a tomography scan
  • Go to hzgpp05ct7 and then PyDev
  • Click on the double red squares for terminating the acquisition.
  • Go to PMAC.
  • Look into the panel PMAC 05
  • Click “Stop moves” and then click “Reset errors”
  • If there is written P97=30, click send.
  • Go to Sample rotation (yellow panel), type 0 and click “Direct move to”.

  • Beam dump
  • Interrupt the script as before (Step 1).
  • Close the shutter BS05.1
  • When the beam will be back, current will be around 10e-6 (second monitor on the top).

If all is fine, you can continue. Otherwise call your  local contact.

  • Camera live image GUI stops working
  • Close camera live image and the pink shell.
  • Check that HzgDcam.exe is running on hzgpp05hama.
  • Go to hzgpp05ct7, Restart camera GUI by clicking on the camera icon on the desktop.
  • You will need to load the last alignment and working positions. Go to alignment tab, and click load for alignment position. A new window will open. Go to T/current/raw/position and select the last one. Repeat when you load the working position.


  • Zernike phase contrast lost
  • Go to EH1 TANGO gui device on hzgpp05ct7.
  • Go to the yellow panel named Phase Ring.
  • If you are in microscope mode (i.e. you look at the sample with Hamamatsu), check that conversion is 100, move relative by 5 phase rings in x or z.


  • Closed remote desktop connection?
  • Open remote desktop from Windows-> Start -> Remote Desktop Connection and choose the computer. P05 user password is ******


  • Need to restart the computer with Hamamatsu?
  • Go to hzgpp05hama and click Windows-> Start ->cmd.exe and type shutdown –r


  • If accidentally click “Pause” in HCimagelive (computer hzgpp05hama)
  • You will need to restart the computer:

 Windows-> Start ->cmd.exe and type shutdown –r



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