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A double L-shaped slit system is installed in the optics hutch downstream after the Double Crystal Monochromator.

The sketch below shows which motor is by which IDL command.

The slit system is water cooled and equipped with limit switches that act on relative motor movements. If the slit is opened too far in x- or z-direction, the according limit switches will be activated and only the motion in closing direction will be allowed.

IDL Commands

Apart from moving each motorseparately, it is also possible to open and close or move the slit by a certain amount w.r.t. to the current center position. These commands works only with relative motions.

motionIDL command (relative)

IDL command (absolute)

left slit by N mmoh_slit_x1, Ngoto_oh_slit_x1, N
right slitoh_slit_x2, Ngoto_oh_slit_x2, N
lower slitoh_slit_z1, Ngoto_oh_slit_z1, N
upper slitoh_slit_z2, Ngoto_oh_slit_z2, N
open slit x by N mmslit_oh, rdx=N-
open slit z by N mmslit_oh, rdz=N-
move slit x by N mmslit_oh, rx=N-
move slit z by N mm

slit_oh, rz=N


ZMX motors and OH labels

The table below lists the motor driver position on the ZMX crate for each slit as well as the label on the stages in the Optics hutch.

SlitIDL nomenclatureZMX motorOH labelTango alias
  • No labels