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Integrated in the rotation stage is a sample stage. The sample stage allows for sample aligment w.r.t. to the rotation axis. Two different sample stages are available. The standard sample stage is a piezo x-y table which caries up to 15 kg. Another stage is available consisting of 5 piezo actuators carring up to 100g allowing for tilt correction and motion in z-direction

Standard piezo x-y-table

The standard x-y table carries up to 15 kg and is thus well suited for small sample environments.

directiontravel range
x+/- 12.5 mm
y+/- 12.5 mm

Sample mount

The standard x-y-table can be used with either the standard sample pin holder or, for custom sample environments, directly on the table. Below is a sketch with drilling pattern.

Optional 5-axis piezo positioner

The coordinate systrem is defined in the experiment sketch, rot_x, rot_y and rot_z refer to rotations around the x, y and z axes respectively.

directiontravel range
x+/- 2 mm
y+/- 2 mm
z+/- 5 mm
rot x+/- 2°
rot y+/- 2°

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