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Coordinate system

Right-handed coordinate system with y-direction along the x-ray beam.

Sample positioning

Relative movement

IDL commanddescriptionmotion
s_stage_x/z, 1move rotation stage in x/z-direction by 1 mmrelative [ mm ]
s_pos_x/y/z, 1move sample stage in x/y/z-direction by 1 mm (caution with directions: stage mount on rotation axis)relative [ mm ]
s_pos_lateral, 1move sample stage in x-direction by 1 mm, regardless of position of rotation axisrelative [ mm ]
s_angle, 90rotate sample around z axisrelative [ deg ]

Absolute movement

IDL commanddescriptionmotion
goto_s_stage_x/z, 1move rotation stage in x/z-direction to 1 mmabsolute [ mm ]
goto_s_pos_x/y/z, 1move sample stage in x/y/z-direction to 1  mmabsolute [ mm ]
goto_s_angle, 90rotate sample around z axis to 90° (alias command: s_rot)absolute [ deg ]

Get current position

IDL commanddescription
pos_s_stage_x/z()return current rotation stage in x/z position
pos_s_pos_x/y/z()return current sample stage in x/y/z position
pos_s_angle()return current rotation stage angle

Predefined positions

IDL commanddescription
s_inmove sample to "in" position

move sample to "out" position

s_changemove sample to "change" position
set_s_in_pos, 0set s_in position to 0.0 mm
set_s_out_dist, 10set s_out distance to 10.0 mm

Magnification sets

IDL commanddescription
save_magn_set, 'dmm_11000ev_cmos_10x'save current magnification set
restore_magn_set, 'dmm_11000ev_cmos_10x'restore magnification set with the name 'dmm_11000ev_cmos_10x'

Detector positioning

IDL commanddescriptionmotion
o_ccd_dist, 5move detector in y direction relative by 5 mm

relative [ mm ]

goto_o_ccd_dist, 30move detector in y direction absoilute to 30 mm
pos_o_ccd_dist()return current of the camera stage distance

Slit positioning

IDL commanddescription
slit_oh, rx=1 (rz=1)moves oh slit aperture horizontally (vertically) by 1mm
slit_oh, rdx=1 (rdz=1)opens oh the slit aperture horizontally (vertically) by 1 mm
slit_eh2, rx=1 (rz=1)moves eh2 slit aperture horizontally (vertically) by 1 mm
slit_eh2, rdx=1 (rdz=1)opens eh2 the slit aperture horizontally (vertically) by 1 mm
slit_infoshow all slit positions

rx, rdx, rz and rdz can be concatenated in one command (e.g. slit_oh, rx=1, rz=-2, rdx=0.5, rdz=0.5)

Make and save images

IDL commanddescription
i=quick(100) & display_image, BYSTCL(i, 0, 4096)
make an image & scale image (eg. from 0 to 4096, usually from 0 to maximum value the camera can do)
a=quick_abs(100) & display_image, BYTSCL(a, 0, 2)make an absorption image & scale image (usually from 0 to to 2)
write_tiff, '/gpfs/current/raw/test_projection.tif', i, /SHORTsave i as 16-bit integer tiff in /gpfs/...
write_tiff, '/gpfs/current/raw/test_absorption.tif', a, /FLOATsave a as 32-bit float tiff in /gpfs/...

Monochromator positioning

ATTENTION: Setting up a Monochromator as well as positioning front end slits is only done by the beamline staff!

The commands above may be used by users to realign the beam should it beam profile drift with time.

DCM positioning

IDL commanddescriptionmotion
dcm_pitch, 0.00001move 2nd crystal pitch by 0.00001 degrelative [ deg ]
goto_dcm_pitch,  -0.03976move 2nd crystal pitch to -0.03976 degabsolute [ deg ]
reflex_optmove 2nd crystal pitch to optimal flux position

DMM positioning

IDL commanddescriptionmotion
dmm_x2_rot, 0.001move 2nd crystal pitch by 0.00001 degrelative [ deg ]
goto_dmm_x2_rot,  0.8923
move 2nd crystal pitch to 0.8923 degabsolute [ deg ]

General syntax

FunctionalityIDL syntax
chaining commandscommand_1 & command_2 & ...
absolute movementgoto_motor, position
relative movementmotor, position
current motor positionpos_motor()

Beamshutter and Interlock control

IDL commanddescription
bs_infoprints an overview of the beamline beamshutter status
bsoh_open / bsoh_closeopens / closes the optics hutch beamshutter. Closing the OH beamshutter will close all following beamshutters (EH1, EH2)
bseh1_open / bseh1_closeopens / closes the EH1 beamshutter. Opening will open the OH beamshutter as well. Closing the OH beamshutter will the EH2 beamshutter as well
bseh2_open / bseh2_closeopens / closes the EH2 beamshutter. Openening will open the OH and EH1 beamshutters as well.
ics_infoprints an overview of the beamline interlock status
ics_break_ohcloses all P05 beamshutters and breaks OH door interlock. P06 beamshutter must be closed for this command to work!
ics_break_eh1closes EH1 beamshutter (and EH2 beamshutter  if open) and breaks EH1 door interlock
ics_break_eh2closes EH2 beshutter and breaks EH2 door interlock
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