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Coordinate system

Right-handed coordinate system with y-direction along the x-ray beam.

Sample positioning

Relative movement

IDL commanddescriptionmotion
s_stage_x/z, 1move rotation stage in x/z-direction by 1 mmrelative [ mm ]
s_pos_x/y, 1move sample stage in x/y-direction by 1 mm (caution with directions: stage mount on rotation axis)relative [ mm ]
s_pos_lateral, 1move sample stage in x-direction by 1 mm, regardless of position of rotation axisrelative [ mm ]
s_angle, 90rotate sample around z axisrelative [ deg ]

Absolute movement

IDL commanddescriptionmotion
goto_s_stage_x/z, 1move rotation stage in x/z-direction to 1 mmabsolute [ mm ]
goto_s_pos_x/y, 1move sample stage in x/y-direction to 1  mmabsolute [ mm ]
goto_s_angle, 90rotate sample around z axis to 90° (alias command: s_rot)absolute [ deg ]

Get current position

IDL commanddescription
pos_s_stage_x/z()return current rotation stage in x/z position
pos_s_pos_x/y()return current sample stage in x/y position
pos_s_angle()return current rotation stage angle

Predefined positions

IDL commanddescription
s_inmove sample to "in" position

move sample to "out" position

s_changemove sample to "change" position
set_s_in_pos, 0set s_in position to 0.0 mm
set_s_out_dist, 10set s_out distance to 10.0 mm

Detector positioning

IDL commanddescriptionmotion
pressure_onenable detector y movement
o_ccd_dist, 5move detector in y direction

relative [ mm ]

pressure_offdisable detector movement

Make images

IDL commanddescription
i=quick(100) & tv_quick, i & draw_box, [ x1, x2 ,z1 ,z2 ]make an image & show image & draw box
a=quick_abs(100) & tv_quick, a & draw_box, [ x1, x2 ,z1 ,z2 ]make an absorption image & show image & draw box
write_tiff, '/gpfs/current/raw/test.tif', i, /SHORTsave i as 16-bit tiff in /gpfs/...

Monochromator positioning

IDL commanddescriptionmotion
calc_dcm_energy, 10000, /setset DCM and undulator to 10 keV
dcm_pitch, 0.00001move 2nd crystal pitch by 0.00001 degrelative [ deg ]
goto_dcm_pitch,  -0.03976move 2nd crystal pitch to -0.03976 degabsolute [ deg ]
reflex_optmove 2nd crystal pitch to optimal flux position
gap, 0.01move undulator gap by 0.01 mmrelative [ mm ]

General syntax

FunctionalityIDL syntax
Chaining commandscommand_1 & command_2 & ...
absolute movementgoto_motor, position
relative movementmotor, position
current motor positionpos_motor()
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