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Available detectors with properties in conjunction with the optical microscope.

EHD CCDKIT CMOS(PCO edge 4.2)Ximea CB500MGXimea CB120X8G3XIMEA GSENS6060
SensorKAF-09000CMOSIS CMV 20000CIS 2020ACMOSIS CMV50000CMOSIS CMV12000Gpixel GSENSE6060-FSI
Chip size3056 x 3056 px5120 x 3840 px2048 x 2048 px7920 x 6004 px4096 x 3072 px6144 x 6144 px
Pixel size12.0 µm6.4 µm6.5 µm4.6 µm5.5 µm10 µm
Max. Digital Resolution16 bit12 bit16 bit12 bit8, 10, 12 bit16 bit
Speed (full frame, highest dig. res.)~0.3 Hz~30 Hz~100 Hz~24 Hz @ 12 bit~130 Hz @ 12 bit~48 Hz
5x MagnFOV7.33 x 7.33 mm6.55 x 4.92 mm2.66 x 2.66 mm7.29 x 5.52 mm4.51 x 3.38 mm12.28 x 12.28 mm
eff. px size2.4 µm1.2 µm1.3 µm0.9 µm1.1 µm2 µm
10x MagnFOV3.67 x 3.67 mm3.28 x 2.46 mm1.33 x 1.33 mm3.64 x 2.76 mm2.25 x 1.69 mm6.14 x 6.14 mm
eff. px size1.2 µm0.6 µm0.65 µm0.46 µm0.55 µm1 µm
20x MagnFOV1.83 x 1.83 mm1.64 x 1.23 mm0.67 x 0.67 mm1.82 x 1.38 mm1.13 x 0.84 mm3.07 x 3.07 mm
eff. px size0.6 µm0.3 µm0.33 µm0.23 µm0.28 µm0.5 µm
40x MagnFOV0.92 x 0.92 mm0.82 x 0.61 mm0.33 x 0.33 mm0.91 x 0.69 mm0.56 x 0.42 mm1.54 x1.54 mm
eff. px size0.3 µm0.15 µm0.16 µm0.11 µm0.14 µm0.25 µm

The PCO edge and all Ximea detectors are in commissioning and will be released to user operation soon. (Detectors in brackets are not yet in user operation).

The magnification values may vary about +/-5%. Thus the FOV and eff. pix. sizes vary accordingly.

The resolving power of the microscope is limited to ~1µm, regardless of the effective pixel size!

The speed of each camera can be enhanced by using lower digitalization modes and / or setting ROIs or binning. If you need faster image acquisition, please contact the beamline staff.

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