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This is a short step-by-step guide which does not give much background information. It refers to other documents for further reading.


Driver: pcieuni
C++ user space library: MtcaMappedDevice
Language bindings for MtcaMappedDevice: CommandLineTools, PythonBindings (early alpha), MatLab
GUI: QtHardMon



- Download the latest tags of gpcieuni and pcieuni from
  You need both. pcieuni is a modular driver which is based on gpcieuni, so you have to intall the latter first.
  To find the latest tag number run svn ls.

$ svn ls
$ svn co gpcieuni_0.1.1

- Install it by running 'make install'. You need the C-compiler and the headers for the kernel, as well as the DKMS package
  (dynamic kernel managenemt support) from you linux distrubution to be installed.

$ cd gpcieuni_0.1.1
$ sudo make install

User space components (all the rest):

There in an installer which you can download from

- Pick the latest tag and download it

$ svn ls
$ svn co mtca4u_installer_0.16.1

- Read the ReadMe.txt file and install all required dependencies with your package manager
- You will have to "set(INSTALL_PUGIXML true)" in CMakeLists.txt or alternatively have to modify the selection of MTCA4U sub-packages and remove MotorDriverCard
  (see "Expert installation" at the end of the ReadMe.txt for the latter).
- Go to the installer directory and call the install script

$ cd mtca4u_installer_0.16.1
$ ./

- Read the QtHardMon User Guide
  (You should have received a map file together with your firmware)
  Run ~/mtca4u/00.16.01/QtHardMon/00.09.00/bin/QtHardMon
- To write a C++ application have a look at the MtcaMappedDevice Doxygen documentation under
  ~/mtca4u/00.16.01/MtcaMappedDevice/00.12.01/doc/html (or wherever you installed it)
  and read "Adapting your Makefile" in ReadME.DOOCS.txt in the installer source directory.
  An initial cache file for CMake is located in  ~/mtca4u/00.16.01

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