Java DOOCS Data Display (JDDD)

The Java DOOCS Data Display is an editor + runtime engine for control system panels with innovative design concepts.

The main benefits of this software are:

  • The JDDD GUI editor is as powerful as the editors of Netbeans or Eclipse, but less resource hungry.
  • It has a rich set of ready-made components including:
    • Clever dynamic components to animate graphics (like If/Switch Component or Logic Group/Timer Group)
    • DynamicLists which are automatically filled at runtime
    • Plot components with online data analysis
  • External JavaBeans can be used as plugin components.
  • Files are kept in a centrally hosted subversion repository for proper book keeping and history tracking.
  • Access to multiple control systems: DOOCS, TINE, TANGO, EPICS and KARABO.
  • Online accesss to DOOCS DAQ data.
  • JDDD web interface for external access to all DESY panels:
  • JDDD packages for Linux, Mac and Windows are available as free software under the GNU General Public License (GPL).





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