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First powder rings with the Jungfrau
Motor positions: image2017-5-3_18-40-42.png\ 500 fps, ~10 us exposure time! image2017-5-3_18-43-40.png image2017-5-3_18-44-43.png image2017-5-3_18-45-18.png image2017-5-3_18-45-55.png
Maximal exposure time: 100 us
Ti foil SAXS ring
image2017-5-3_19-9-40.png Exposure time increased to 100 us image2017-5-3_19-14-52.png image2017-5-3_19-15-19.png image2017-5-3_19-15-48.png
Beam parameters
200x200 um2 flat beam, 100% transmission ~2.5x10^12 photons

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