The changes in favor of Petra4-computing tasks announced Aug. 17th have been reverted, and new nodes and partitions have been added accordingly:

  • The maxwell partition has been restored with all nodes and a maximum job runtime of 7 days.
  • The petra4 partition has been increased by 40 new AMD EPYC-7402 nodes
  • A new short partition has been created.
    • The short partition also contains the 40 new AMD EPYC-7402 nodes
    • The maximum job runtime is 4 hours
    • jobs in the petra4 partition are prioritized. Jobs in the short partition might be delayed but will never be terminated (preempted).

A short overview of the relevant changes:


# of nodesNodes/JobMax # of JobsDefault TimeMaximum TimeAllowed Groups
petra466no limitno limit1:00:0014-00:00:00max-petra4-sim-users

For details of available hardware consult the hardware pages

Some useful commands to get more information about  the current setup:

/usr/local/bin/max-limits -a                       # show partitions and the limits applying 
/usr/local/bin/max-limits                          # show only partitions allowed
/usr/local/bin/my-partitions                       # list partitions indicating which ones can be used and which ones not

/usr/bin/sinfo                                     # show available nodes and partitions
/usr/bin/sinfo -p short -o '%20n %20f %10t %c %m'  # show nodes in the short partition, with state, features, cores...

/software/tools/bin/savail -p maxgpu               # show detailed information about available nodes taking into account preemptable jobs 

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