Dear colleagues,

the DESY directorate has decided to temporarily shift compute priorities on the Maxwell cluster in favor of urgent Petra4 computations.
As a consequence we have to make temporary adjustments to the maxwell partition in the following way:

- Starting Wednesday August 19th the maximum time-limit of jobs in the maxwell partition will be reduced to _4_ HOURS.
- Nodes in the maxwell partition will also become part of the petra4 partition, and will be prioritized in the petra4 partition.

What happens to your jobs after the change?
- Jobs already running in the maxwell partition (or any other partition) will not be affected.
- Jobs with a runtime of more than 4 hours and still waiting in the maxwell partition have to be removed after deploying the configuration changes next Wednesday. The jobs would never execute.
- Jobs submitted to the maxwell partition with a proper time-limit of 4h or less run unaffected. Due to the prioritization of petra4 you might however experience long queuing times. Please consider using the all-partition as well as other resources possibly available to you and your group.

How temporary is temporary?
- We have already purchased 40 new compute nodes which will arrive mid- to end-September. Once installed, the 40 nodes will become part of the petra4 partition.
- At this point, the maxwell partition will return to a normal schedule.
- In addition, the 40 nodes will also be made available for short running short (2-4 hours) for users of the maxwell partition.
- After the petra4 compute campaign, the nodes will be fully integrated into the maxwell partition and more than double the core-count.

So we expect that beginning of October (of course depending on the timely delivery by our vendor) the maxwell partition will be fully available again, and augmented by additional resources.
Be ensured that we do treat this matter with highest urgency trying to minimize the temporary regression.

We understand that the temporary adjustment will affect some users in rather a harsh way, but hope for your understanding.

Please contact us ( for any questions or comments, and in case you have really urgent computational requests. Despite limited options we will do our best to mitigate effects.

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