A number of conda packages have been updated or added:

cudatoolkit               10.0.130                      0    upgraded from cuda 9.0 to 10.0
cudnn                     7.6.5                cuda10.0_0    new
cupy                      7.4.0            py36h273e724_1    new
dask                      2.15.0                     py_0    upgraded
dask-core                 2.15.0                     py_0    upgraded
dask-glm                  0.2.0                      py_1    upgraded
dask-jobqueue             0.7.1                      py_0    upgraded
dask-labextension         1.0.3                      py_0    upgraded
dask-ml                   1.4.0                      py_0    new
dask-mpi                  1.0.3                    py36_0    new
distributed               2.15.2           py36h9f0ad1d_0    upgraded
extra-data                1.1.0                    pypi_0    upgraded
extra-geom                0.9.0                    pypi_0    upgraded
ipyslurm                  1.5.0                      py_0    new
libblas                   3.8.0                    14_mkl    upgraded
libcblas                  3.8.0                    14_mkl    upgraded
liblapack                 3.8.0                    14_mkl    upgraded
nccl                          hd6f8bf8_0    new
pyfai                     0.19.0           py36hb3f55d8_0    new. used to live in a conda env
pytorch                   1.4.0             cuda100py36_0    upgraded from 1.0 cuda 9.0
torchvision               0.2.1                    py36_0    new
xarray                    0.11.2                   pypi_0    upgraded

Due to conflicting dependencies, SuRVoS has been moved to a conda environment (survos):

@max-wgs:~$ conda env list | grep survos
survos                   /software/anaconda3/5.2/envs/survos

@max-wgs:~$ module load maxwell survos

@max-wgs:~$ which SuRVoS

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