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The ILD (International Large Detector) group has given itself a structure which is modelled after that of normal collaborations in particle physics. The structure should help to move the group from a loose concept group closer to a real collaboration, in step with the development of the ILC project.

The ILD instititute assembly has decided on a set of by-laws, which govern the way the group functions. These by-laws came in effect as of April 1, 2015.

ILD Executive Team (ILD-ET)

Spokesperson: Ties Behnke
Deputy spokesperson: Kiyotomo Kawagoe

Physics coordinator: Keisuke Fujii (deputy Jenny List)
Technical coordinator: Claude Vallee (deputy Karsten Buesser)
Software/ reconstruction coordinator: Frank Gaede (deputy Akiya Miyamoto)

Elected members of the ILD executive Team:

Alberto Ruiz, Yasuhiro Sugimoto, Henri Videau, Graham Wilson

A list of the current members of ILD may be found here.

If you are interested to join ILD please send a mail to the chair of the institute assembly and to the spokesperson (addresses see right side).

ILD Institute Assembly

 Each member institute is represented by one vote in the ILD institute assembly.

Chair: Daniel Jeans

ILD Mailing Lists:

ILD maintains a number of mailing lists which are managed on a mailing list server (sympa).For some lists you might need an account on the mailing list server - please see instructions there.

main ILD listild@desy.desubscribe
software/ optimizationild-detector-optimisation@desy.desubscribe

LCCPEB Working groups:

The ILD group participates in the central working groups of the LCC-PEB.

ILD representative in the LCCPEB group: Ties Behnke
physics group: Keisuke Fujii, Jenny List
Parameter working group: Jenny List
Machine Detector Interface: Karsten Buesser

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