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ILD will document its current development and the work which has happened since writing the technical design report (detector DBD) in a document called the ILD Design Report (IDR). On these pages you can find further information on the document, find the latest version of the document, etc.

Technically the IDR ist stored in a svn repository at DESY. In addition mirrors of the IDR are available on the overleaf system, to make the editing and working with the system easier. Note that both systems are not automatically synchronised. About once a day such synchronisation does happen.

To view the project in overleaf please use the following link: Overleaf link

If you need write access to the overleaf please request this here

If you want to work with the git interface to overleaf instead, please read the following instructions:  overleaf_git_howto.pdf


6.7.2018: Between 15.7.2018 and 3.8.3018 there will be delays in the synchronisation between svn and overleaf.

8.02.2019 svn no longer supported

How to work with the IDR:

It is recommended that you use the overleaf system for working on the latex source. This provides the simplest and most robust way to edit the document. Changes done by other people are automatically merged and synchronised.

Overleaf however does require a constant internet connection, as it works with a server in the background. If you want to work offline you can either use the git interface to overleaf, or simply download a copy of the relevant files from overleaf. Make sure you upload your changes back to overleaf.

A few general guidelines:

  • please use the packages hepnames and hepunits wherever possible for writing particle names and interactions as well as HEP units
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