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Production plan

  • Once new ILCSoft and ILDConfig is released, a new set of production will be launched, aiming to produce a high statistics 250 GeV samples. 
  • Main feature of this production will include
    • Use generator files, which will be produced by new Whizard2 program with ILC 250 GeV SetA beam properties.
    •  Primary storage of simulated files and DST-merged files will be a disk device at DESY, because it is time consuming to access tape files. Only a fraction of reconstruction files will be saved.
    •  Only ILD_l5_o1_v02 sample will be produced.
    •  Plan of the production of calibration samples are,
      • Single particle samples : same as the previous production. In addition, single photon with E=125, 175, 250, 350, and 500 GeV is considered.
        •  All REC files will be saved.  But they will be removed later when DISK space matters 

Please contact MC production WG members, if you have requests or comments.

Production status

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