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IEEE NSS/MIC 2017October 21-28, 2017ILD for the International Linear ColliderWataru Ootani (Tokyo)poster

VERTEX 2017September 11-15, 2017Vertex and Tracking for LC detectorsLuis Alejandro PÉREZ PÉREZ (IPHC, CNRS)

13th Rencontres du Vietnam: Exploring the Dark UniverseJuly 23-29 2017Searches for dark matter at future high energy lepton collidersMoritz Habermehl (DESY)


an invited review talk
EPS-HEP 2017July 5-12 2017Sensitivity to anomalous VVH couplings at the ILC

Tomohisa Ogawa (Sokendai)

deadline: Oct. 8
Naturalness and light Higgsinos: why ILC is the right machine for SUSY discoverySuvi-Leena Lehtinen (DESY)
The Potential of the ILC for Discovering New Particles

Jenny List (DESY)

ILC Physics Study
Toward Precision Top Quark Measurements in e+e- collisionsNaomi van der Kolk (MPP)

deadline: Oct. 8

Draft proceedings

(password protected)

Comment deadline Sep. 29

CLICdp + ILC Physics Study
Prospects for electroweak precision measurements and triple gauge couplings at a staged ILCRobert Karl (DESY)ILD-PHYS-PROC-2017-006.pdf
Full simulation study of the process $e^+ e^- \rightarrow b\bar{b}$ at \sqrt(s) = 250 GeV at the ILCSviatoslav Bilokin (LAL)deadline: Oct. 8
ALPS2017April 17-22 2017Natural SUSY at the ILC: from MZ to the GUT scaleMikael Berggren (DESY)slides

Higgs sector at future e+e- collidersJunping Tian (Tokyo)slides

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