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Communication of results and progress within the ILD group is largely done through publications and conference contributions. The ILD publication and speakers bureau (PSB) coordinates and oversees this important aspect within ILD. 

The ILD publication and speakers bureau is led by a chair, who is proposed by the spokesperson and confirmed by the institute assembly. The term of office is two years. The spokesperson and the institute assembly chair are ex-officio members of the bureau. Three more members of the bureau are proposed by the PSB chair and approved by the IA.

The bureau is responsible for implementing the ILD policy towards all kinds of ILD publications.


Publication Rules (proposal)

ILD currently distinguishes four types of publications, which are each treated with different rules:

  • Papers: Papers published in the name of the ILD group, such as reviews, papers concerned with central aspects of the ILD detector, etc.
  • Topical papers with single / multiple authors, reporting results from specific studies, analyses etc which are based on ILD.
  • ILD notes, which are not meant for publication, but which will be publicly available (public notes) or internally available (internal notes) through the ILD confluence.
  • Conference proceedings, typically single author writeups of ILD related talks at conferences.

All documents will be made available on the ILD confluence and will receive internal ILD numbers.

ILD will establish a review process to ensure high scientific standards.

Papers and topical papers will be subject to the same review process. Papers will show the ILD approved author list. Topical papers will have author lists defined by the main author, which however needs approval by the PSB chair. The chair may suggest additonal authors, and request explicit acknowledgments. In case of disagreement, the ET will be asked to moderate.

For papers and topical papers the PSB chair will install a two person review committee for the paper. The reviewers will interact with the authors to prepare a final draft. The final draft will be submitted to ILD for comments. At least a two week period should be allowed for comments. The reviewers can request that the new draft is again circulated to the collaboration. Before finalisation the paper must be presented to ILD in an open meeting.

For ILD public notes a similar process is initiated. The PSB will assign one reviewer to discuss the paper with the author. Once agreement has been reached, the note will be distributed to ILD for a two weeks comment period. The reviewer will ensure that all comments are integrated into the note. The reviewer will release the note for publication on the ILD confluence. 

For ILD internal notes a review process is not initiated. They will be stored in a protected area of the ILD confluence for ILD members .

Conference proceedings will be circulated to ILD with a one week comments period. The PSB chair will ensure that comments are included. Once agreement has been reached, the proceedings will be posted on the ILD confluence and can be submitted to the conference.

Numbering convention of ILD notes and proceedings (proposal)

We start with simple 3 x 3 categories, i.e. PHYS/SOFT/TECH x INT/PUB/PROC. The number of categories may be increased when we will have many ILD notes and proceedings in future.

  • ILD public notes (with review process, to be stored in confluence for public)
  • ILD internal notes (without review process, to be stored in confluence with protection)
  • ILD proceedings (with light review process, to be stored in confluence for public)

ILD Author List

The Chair of the PSB will be responsible to maintain the ILD author list. It will be updated once a year, or upon request by a member.

  • Each group which has signed the statement of cooperation with ILD is responsible for providing a list of authors from their institute.
  • A member of the author list should have made some contribution to ILD over the preceeding year.
  • Once a year a central request will be made to the ILD groups to update the author list.

Presentations and talk

The PSB is in charge of securing conference presentations from the members of the ILD group. It will cooperate in this with potential centrally organised structures, for example in the context of the LCC.

  • The PSB will maintain a list of talks at major conferences
  • For invited talks the PSB will nominate a speaker after consultation with the ET and the spokesperson.
  • The ILD groups will contribute a list of candidate speakers to the PSB.
  • For major LC events the PSB will coordinate the ILD contributions.
  • The PSB will actively propose and support the submission of abstracts on ILD related topics to conferences and workshops
  • If a member of the ILD group is personally invited to present ILD results at a conference the person is asked to inform the PSB and ask for approval. This will be usually granted as a matter of routine. However the PSB reserves the right to intervene in exceptional cases and propose alternative speakers.
  • It is expected that presentations given on behalf of ILD should be made available to ILD at least two days in advance of the presentation. Speakers are highly encouraged to schedule an open rehearsal, announced to ILD.

Membership of PSB

Current members (as of May 2017)

  • Ties Behnke (Spokesperson, ex-officio)
  • Mikael Berggren (DESY)
  • Ivanka Bozovic-Jelisavcic (Vinca)
  • Daniel Jeans (KEK)
  • Kiyotomo Kawagoe (Kyushu, Chair)
  • Marc Winter (IA chair, ex-officio)
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