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ILD is a detector concept proposed for the international linear collider, ILC.

You can find more general information on the ILD homepage at http://www.ilcild.org.

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Statement by the ILD-ET on the recent events in the Ukraine

Dear ILD member, All of us have followed the dramatic events in the Ukraine over the last few days. We are shocked by the events and the totally unnecessary and unprovoked war. Our thoughts are with all the people who suffer from this war.

In ILD we work together peacefully with people from many different countries. The impact these events will have on science and on our international model of doing science together can only be imagined at this moment.

The ILD ET Ties Behnke/ Karsten Buesser/ Jean Claude Brient/ Keisuke Fujii/ Mary-Cruz Fouz/ Frank Gaede/ Daniel Jeans/ Kiyotomo Kawagoe/ Jenny List/ Wataro Ootani/ Graham Wilson/ Filip Zarnecki

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