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File naming convention

The file name consists of a number of elements separated by ".".  Each element consists of one key character and a description string. The description string should not contain ".". The last element represents file type, "stdhep" or "slcio" for example. In the case of generator file, the element one before the last is the file sequence number; 2 to 4 digit number with no key character. Definition of key character is shown in the following table. 

keymeaningExampleGenerator meta key name
ECMS energy in GeV and machine parameter separated by "-"E500-TDR_wsCM_energy_in_GeV, machine_configuration
PGenerator process nameP4f_ww_hprocess_name
GGenerator name and versionGwhizard-1_95program_name_version
eBeam electron polarization or photon nature (note 1)eL, eL80beam_particle1, polarization1
pBeam positron polarization or photon nature (note 1)pL, pL30beam_particle2, polarization2
IGenerator process ID (note 2)I108717process_id
nFile sequence number. Optionally file split number is postfixed, with "_" as a separatorn002_003
sILDConfig versin used for simulationsv01-19-05
rILDConfig version used for reconstructionrv01-19-05-p01
mDetector modelmILD_l5_v02
dData type, productionID and jobNumber separated by "_"d_rec_00009250_714

Following keys are used internally by a program to define directory name. They should not be used for the other purpose

KeyMeaningExampleGenerator meta key name
CEvent class (note 3)
process_type(note 3)
tProduction ID

TDirectory name for the production ID

jJob number

JSub directory name ( Job number / 1000 )

FFile type

BBase directory name

wEnergy for meta value

oMachine parameter such as "TDR_ws"

DUpper case Data type


  1. Beam polarization is given by a sign character, L for negative and R for plus, and a absolute polarization value by 2 digit % value, which is omitted if 100% polarization. If beam particle is photon, it's nature is given by B for beam-strahlung photon or W for Weizacker-Williams photon.  For example,
    • eR.pL : electron +100% and positron -100% polarization
    • eL80.pR30 : electron -80% and positron +30% polarization
    • eB.pR : beam strahlung photon from electron beam side and positron +100% polarization
  2. Following range of generator IDs are used for common samples depending on where sample is produced.
    • 0 < ID < 100000            : produced at SLAC
    • 100000 < ID < 200000  : produced at KEK
    • 200000 < ID < 300000  : produced at DESY
    • 300000 < ID < 400000 : produced at CERN
  3. In the case of generator data, the first element of process_type when splitted by "_" is used for the sub-directory name.  In other data type such as sim, rec, dst-merged, etc, process_type is used for the sub-directory name with some exceptions such as "np" samples where the same directory name as the generator directory is used. (Updated:2018-07-27)

Directory naming convention

Samples produced by ILCDIRAC has following directory structure.


Sub-directory nameDIRAC directory meta keyTypical value
<mctype>not definedmc-dbd, mc-dbd.log, mc-opt-2, mc-opt.dsk
<Energy>Energy500, 350, 250,91, 1
<MachineParams>MachineParamsTDR_ws, nobeam, calib
<EvtType>EvtType ( EvtClass for generator data6f_ttbar, higgs_ffh
<DetectorModel>DetectorModelILD_l5_v02, ILD_l5_o1_v02_nobg
<ProdID>ProdID00009368 ( 8 digit )
<jobdirectory>not define000 ( 3digit )

In ILD MC production by ILCDIRAC, file names and directory names are interpreted and constructed by a format define in FilenameEncoder class of ILCDIRAC/Core/Utilities/ except a few exceptions. 

Generator files

Additional information about generator files will be found in

Process name of single particle samples

The file names in the ILCDirac file catalog has t be less than 127 characters. In order to fit REC and DST files produced by ILCDirac production system to this limitation,  following naming rule has been applied for the single particle samples since the 3rd test production in April 2018.

 The process name, namely the P key word in the file name, consistes of following information separated by "_".

  • "s" : means single particles
  • particles PDG : it is prefixed with "pm", if positive and negative charges are generated in the case of charged particles. 
  • p<value> : <value> is the particle momentum in GeV with 3 digit.  In order to avoid "." here, use "p" instead of ".". <value> is "rnd" if randoml distributed momentum is used. For example "p0p5" for 0.5GeV/c, and "p010" for 10GeV/c, "prnd" for random momentum distribution.
  • t<value> : If specified, particle polar angle is fixed to <value>.  Or "a-b" for random distribution from "a" degree to "b" degree and "180-b" to "180-a" degree

The comment field information in would include a supplemental information.

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