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For a full list and questions to be addressed for each benchmark see presentation by J.List at ILD Workshop 2018

Higgs/EW Working Group

  • Higgs mass from H→bb. Details.
  • branching ratio H→mu+ mu-. Details.
  • limit on H→invisible. Details.
  • tau polarisation, A_FB, A_LR, decay modes in e+e- → tau+ tau-. Details.
  • W mass, TGCs, beam polaristion from e+e- → WW → qq lnu. Details.
  • QGCs e+e- → nunu qqqq. Details.
  • A_LR, JES calibration from e+e- → gamma Z. Details.

Top / Flavour tag Working Group

  • A_LR, A_FB from tt →bb qqqq. Details.
  • hadronic branching ratios of the Higgs: H→bb/cc/gg. Details.

BSM Working Group

  • discovery range, cross-sections, masses for low delta M Higgsinos. Details.
  • discovery range, mass, cross-section, operator type for WIMPs in mono-photon channel. Details.
  • discovery range for low mass extra Higgses in e+e- → Zh. Details.

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