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DescriptionDue dateAssigneeTask appears on
  • Investigate state of BAM servers and push implementation of arrival time difference  
02 Dec 2099 2019-03-28 HLC Meeting
  • Improve photon beam statistics collection, e.g. histograms Raimund Kammering  

01 May 2100Raimund Kammering2019-01-24 HLC Meeting
  • Update LLRF servers so that the transition time between flat-tops is calculated automatically @Mathieu Omet @Torsten Limberg  
08 Jun 2100 2019-02-28 HLC Meeting
  • Implement server to calculate on-crest phase changes based on BAM data Raimund Kammering  
01 Jul 2100Raimund Kammering2019-01-24 HLC Meeting
01 Aug 2100Olaf Hensler2019-01-24 HLC Meeting
  • Implement collimator x/y scan or bump scan through collimators @Shan Liu Josef Wilgen  
01 Sep 2100Josef Wilgen2019-01-24 HLC Meeting
  • IntelliPhase: Implement phase scan with enabled energy feedback Raimund Kammering  
01 Feb 2101Raimund Kammering2019-01-24 HLC Meeting
  • Orbit feedbacks: Add "load from trajectory storage server" Raimund Kammering  

01 Mar 2101Raimund Kammering2019-01-24 HLC Meeting
  • Orbit correction: Add "load from trajectory storage server" @Sergey Tomin  

01 Apr 2101 2019-01-24 HLC Meeting
  • Implement Matlab routine to automatically match injector Bolko Beutner @Sascha Meykopff  

01 May 2101Bolko Beutner2019-01-24 HLC Meeting

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