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On this page, we collect the outcome of discussion for an improved user expericence of the (EuXFEL) CRISP spectrometer.

Action Items for Improvement

  • Create single jDDD Panel for operators which shows everything needed  Nils Maris Lockmann
  • add warning on XFEL SASE status display if grating thereshold or reconstruction is not ok
  • check, and in best case solve, the limitation to 1024 resp. 2048 bunches Olaf Hensler
  • Check if grating transition allowed works properly now Olaf Hensler Nils Maris Lockmann 
    • add message on panel (reconstruction still goes on )
  • low charge fudge factor
  • Make Igor's linear-taper-from-charge-profile Matlab script available in BKR Lars Froehlich 
  • Zero reconstruction if no bunches or error (e.g. too little signal, grating threshold) Lars Froehlich
  • Reconstruction for a list of fixed bunches  Lars Froehlich
  • Add skew parameter as history value Lars Froehlich
  • send profiles to DAQ and have a jDDD interface to view old DAQ data Olaf Hensler Lars Froehlich
  • investigate low signal limits and indicator to change grating sets Nils Maris Lockmann 
  • establish information exchange with long. phase space reconstruction efforts Sergey Tomin 
  • provide new DOOCs adress of reconstruction for Sergej Nils Maris Lockmann 
  • Create new buffers for averaging of subtrains Olaf Hensler 
  • 4.5 MHz warning based on "XFEL.DIAG/TIMING.CENTRAL/MASTER/BUNCH_FIRST_INDEX.1" Lars Froehlich 
  • investigate why reconstruction was non-zero without beam. Error "Not enough input data points to extrapolate low frequencies" Lars Froehlich 
  • CRISP reconstruction server: Implement HOLD properties Lars Froehlich 
  • check capability of DAQ with finer time grid with V. Rybnikov Olaf Hensler 

Meeting notes

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