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Present: Bolko Beutner Maria-Elena Castro Carballo Lars Froehlich Marc Guetg Raimund Kammering @Torsten Limberg Sascha Meykopff @Sergey Tomin

File catalog

The Sequencer was unable to display the file catalog on half of the XFEL consoles this morning, reason unknown. Pedro filtered out all files older than 2019-07-01. This seems to have fixed the problem for now.

Lattice changes SASE3

In SASE3, the undulator from cell 13 has been moved to cell 2. We have modified the database, Sequencer templates, undulator servers, and jddd panels accordingly. It is unclear if the BBA tool will work with the new configuration.

Tune-up beamstoppers

We have three new tune-up beamstoppers in front of the SASE1/2/3 undulators. They can be controlled via Yordanka's new XFEL.UTIL/BEAMSTOPPER.ML server. Jan is currently integrating them into the cockpit. We have agreed with D3 to dump no more than 6 µC/day (≈4.2 nC/min) on each of these beamstoppers. Lars is developing rules for the Big Brother server to enforce these limits.

Emittance measurement

There are currently two Matlab tools for emittance measurements. Sascha's emittance measurement server supports the 4-screen method and needs testing, which is going to be scheduled in the coming weeks.

Optics server

The latest system update has removed the optics server's Elegant installation, so the server currently does not work. As a consequence, also the design kick server does not function. Sascha is working on it.

Dump switch server

Yordanka's dump switch server can now be used to send the beam into the I1D, B1D, B2D dumps or onto the straight path. It changes the respective dipoles, the trim coil (if any), and the quadrupoles in the dump line. The server is automatically triggered by the "beam straight"/"beam to dump" buttons on Frank's dump switch panel.


After the latest hardware damage, we should not operate the TDS with enabled FSM. We can use the FSM for startup/shutdown, though. This is only a temporary measure until Bolko and Olaf have clarified the situation.

Action items

  • Investigate the status of the dump optics monitoring server Lars Froehlich