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Present: Maria-Elena Castro Carballo Lars Froehlich Olaf Hensler Ulf Fini Jastrow @Torsten Limberg Sascha Meykopff  @Dirk Nölle @Mathieu Omet Josef Wilgen

XGM properties

Ulf Fini Jastrow proposes to rename properties on the gas monitor server from .SA1 and .SA3 to .WANTED and .SUPPRESSED or similar. This would make it much easier for users to find the data they need, and reduce confusion. On the other hand, SA1, SA3, ALL etc. are used as standard subtrain names and suffixes throughout the entire control system. They have a well-defined meaning and are often used automatically by tools. We agree to keep the current properties; Fini is going to investigate if the names .WANTED and .SUPPRESSED (or similar) can be introduced as aliases in Karabo or in the user DAQ. For panels, there is going to be a new property containing the subtrain ID of the "wanted" subtrain.

RF flat-tops

We discuss further steps for using multiple flat-tops at the XFEL. Everything seems to be ready for a first test with 2 flat-tops on Monday. Olaf's FSMs need a little additional configuration, but there will be little development time for adding functionality. The LLRF servers should be upgraded to calculate the transition time automatically from the flat-top information from the timing system.

SASE2 self-seeding

Shan is going to set up a dedicated meeting. Please let her know if you are interested in joining.

Next meeting

The next meeting is going to take place in one week. We hope to get a brief report from the machine learning workshop at PSI.

Action items

  • Update LLRF servers so that the transition time between flat-tops is calculated automatically @Mathieu Omet @Torsten Limberg