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Present: Bolko Beutner Winfried Decking Lars Froehlich Olaf Hensler Raimund Kammering @Torsten Limberg @Sascha Meykopff @Sergey Tomin Josef Wilgen

HLC Task List

We reorder and update the task list:

  • IntelliPhase: Fix operation mode logic Lars Froehlich  

  • Develop automated undulator setup tools Lars Froehlich  
  • Separate RADFET application server from RADFET administration server (MCS4)  

  • Bunch pattern server: Distribute pattern tag for learning feedforwards etc. Lars Froehlich  
  • Improve photon beam statistics collection, e.g. histograms Raimund Kammering  

  • Photon & electron beam availability/operation statistics collection Raimund Kammering  

  • Implement server to calculate on-crest phase changes based on BAM data Raimund Kammering  
  • Implement collimator ML server Olaf Hensler  
  • Implement collimator x/y scan or bump scan through collimators @Shan Liu Josef Wilgen  
  • Wavelength control server: Implement conversion from undulator phase shifter gaps to phase Lars FroehlichOlaf Hensler Unknown User (yuhui)  

  • Add kickers to magnet ML server Lars Froehlich Yordanka Janik  

DAQ correlator server: Implement (Lars+Raimund) Decided not to pursue this at the moment; we are on the brink of introducing new archiving strategies. (Lars, 2019-11-20)

  • Bunch pattern server: Add "real" single-shot capabilities Lars Froehlich  
  • IntelliPhase: Implement phase scan with enabled energy feedback Raimund Kammering  
  • Orbit feedbacks: Add "load from trajectory storage server" Raimund Kammering  

  • Orbit correction: Add "load from trajectory storage server" @Sergey Tomin  

  • Implement Matlab routine to automatically match injector Bolko Beutner @Sascha Meykopff  

  • Implement server for BPM single-shot configuration  
  • Implement Python routine to correct orbit between A and B, OR: Implement orbit correction server  

  • Implement orbit visualizer server (to display orbit fits between BPMs in arbitrary sections)  

  • Orbit feedback: Make target orbit editable Raimund Kammering  

  • Implement DOOCS bridge server for GrafanaJan Szczesny  
  • VXFEL: Create tool to transfer machine parameters from XFEL to VXFEL  

  • VXFEL: Port design kick server @Sascha Meykopff  

  • IntelliPhase: Implement automatic multi-station scan  
  • Write documentation on MCA database Lars Froehlich  

  • VXFEL: Implement screen simulation  

  • Implement waveguide tuner phase shifter server (MCS4)  

  • Implement delay scan server for kickers (MCS4)  

  • Push magnet ML server adoption at FLASH  

Added after the meeting:

  • IntelliPhase: Remove delays for setting RF phases Lars Froehlich  
  • Gun Phase Scan: Remove delays for setting RF phases Lars Froehlich

Automation Forum

On February 12, another edition of the Automatisierungsforum FH Westküste is going to take place in Heide. Josef Wilgen is going to gather names for car-pooling.

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