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The High Level Controls team meets every second Thursday at 10:30 in room 505, building 30. To receive invitations and updates, join the mailing list

Top HLC tasks

We use due dates in the far future to assign priorities to tasks. Not to be taken literally. (wink)

DescriptionDue dateAssigneeTask appears on
  • Investigate state of BAM servers and push implementation of arrival time difference  
02 Dec 2099 2019-03-28 HLC Meeting
  • Improve photon beam statistics collection, e.g. histograms Raimund Kammering  

01 May 2100Raimund Kammering2019-01-24 HLC Meeting
  • Update LLRF servers so that the transition time between flat-tops is calculated automatically @Mathieu Omet @Torsten Limberg  
08 Jun 2100 2019-02-28 HLC Meeting
  • Implement server to calculate on-crest phase changes based on BAM data Raimund Kammering  
01 Jul 2100Raimund Kammering2019-01-24 HLC Meeting
01 Aug 2100Olaf Hensler2019-01-24 HLC Meeting
  • Implement collimator x/y scan or bump scan through collimators @Shan Liu Josef Wilgen  
01 Sep 2100Josef Wilgen2019-01-24 HLC Meeting
  • IntelliPhase: Implement phase scan with enabled energy feedback Raimund Kammering  
01 Feb 2101Raimund Kammering2019-01-24 HLC Meeting
  • Orbit feedbacks: Add "load from trajectory storage server" Raimund Kammering  

01 Mar 2101Raimund Kammering2019-01-24 HLC Meeting
  • Orbit correction: Add "load from trajectory storage server" @Sergey Tomin  

01 Apr 2101 2019-01-24 HLC Meeting
01 May 2101Lars FroehlichFeature Requests & Other Tasks

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