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Plan: to measure Fe lantanides, simultaneous Ka and Kb acquisition; users are interested in HERFD on Kbeta. Not possible to measure V2C simultaneously with Ka; can be later after shifting the detector.

Ka: Si(333) 67.8 o.

Kb: Si(440) 66.2 o.


Further users are potentially interested to mount the cryo and measure Se and Co spectra. 


Took until ~ 6 pm to align. Problems with ZMX crate (it broke on the weekend).

Users measured Fe references from ~ 8 pm.


Kalpha, Kbeta and HERFD during the day and for the night.

High harmonics were causing some extra reflections; were removed by going away from the middle of the pitch to ~90% of intensity.


The cryo was installed during the day.

Ka/Kb in the same spectrometer configuration was measured in the evening and night. Alignment was not easy,  because samples were not thin: there was sometimes a double layer.


Next set of samples go into the cryo at 2 pm. This time they are supposed to be finer powder and the captons should be stuck together.

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