The P64 X-ray absorption spectroscopy beamline (PETRA III, DESY, Hamburg) has started to operate in a user mode since May 2017 and shows a continuous progress.

The beamline is dedicated to X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy (XAS) experiments which require high flux:

  • EXAFS of highly diluted systems (ppm range),
  • Quick EXAFS measurements on a timescale of 10ms – 10s with a special monochromator and ion chambers
  • Experiments with energy resolution of less than 0.5 eV by means of a von Hamos spectrometer.

Beamline Staff:

ManagerTel. 1646
ScientistTel. 1994
ScientistTel. 4476
Maria NaumovaScientistTel. 1572
EngineerTel. 5089
Claudia SchwanCTATel. 1658

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