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  1. Note down pressure of all gas bottles
    1. give that list to the beamline staff (it is an information, wether a bottle can be reused the next time)
  2.  CLOSE all gas bottles
    1. inert gases like Helium might stay opened, let the valves and the bottle regulators stay opened
  3. Release Pressure: connect the equipment with tubes to the exhaust and let the exhaust suck the gases
    1. the bottle has to be closed, the pressure regulator and all ball valves should be opened
  4. PURGE all your equipment, as well as the gas-tubes and MFC system with helium
  5. Connect the single tubes at the wall to the exhaust
  6. Connect the Gas-Outputs at the wall (singlewise) to the exhaust
  7. close the bottle-pressure-regulator
  8. disconnect the tube at the pressure regulator and connect it to an inert line
  9. PURGE the lines with helium
  10. Disconnect all tubes in the Experimental hutch (EH)
  11. Tidy up

Gas Rules:

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